Universal Heated Seat Pad Repair/Upgrade Kit (for 1 seat)


Heated Seat Repair/Upgrade Kit (for 1 seat)

Dual Temperature (High/Low)

Universal Fit for Front Seat

This listing is for a universal heated seat pad kit for 1 front seat.

This kit can either be used to replace defective heating pads - or you can use it to upgrade a non-heated seat - perfect for those chilly mornings!

This kit comes with 2 x heating pads - one for the base of the seat and one pad for the back of the seat.

Also included is a wiring loom with relay and dash-mounted switch.

Switch also includes an LED indicator - Red for Full Power and Green for Low Power.

This kit will upgrade/repair ONE seat - you should purchase another kit to do both front seats.

These heated pads are dual temperature with High/Low control on the switch.

You will need to strip your seat to fit these pads so you should assess your seats for suitability before purchasing this kit.

These pads can be fitted to leather, cloth or vinyl seats.

Fitting Instructions

You will need to strip your seat down to fit the heating pads - you should assess suitability of your seats before purchase.

For the wiring you need to make just 2 connections - earth and ignition live.

You will also need to cut a hole in a suitable place in your dash area to mount the switch.