Supercharged Style Front Grille in Grey / Silver for Land Rover Discovery 3


Grey + Silver Supercharged Style Grille Kit

to fit Land Rover Discovery 3 2005 -2009

This is a complete replacement front grille for the Discovery 3 ( also called LR3 in some markets )

The grille on the Discovery 3 has to be the easiest grille to change on any car ! really - see below fitting video. You don't need any tools and you can have this fitted in 5 minutes start to finish !

Made from ABS plastic just like the original grille.

This grille is finished with a grey frame and silver mesh as shown in the pictures ( these are the same colours as used on the supercharged Range Rover grille ).

We also have this grille available in other colour combinations like black, chrome, grey,silver etc - see our other items.

This Grille DOES NOT come with a badge, you will need to purchase this separately. ( We sell the badge - search our other items for part number "LRB365" )

This is not a genuine Land Rover product.

Fitting Details

Push the 4 clips on the top of the grille to release the top of the grille.

Release the 2 clips in the centre of the grille and then remove the grille.

See below video.

This has to be the easiest grille to change on any car in the history of motoring ( in the Video we remove and refit the grille in 58 seconds ! )

How to Change Front Grille on Land Rover Discovery 3 LR3 - YouTube

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Which Vehicles will this fit ?

This item WILL fit all Discovery 3 models from 2005 - 2009

This item WILL NOT fit the Discovery 4 model ( 2010 on )

This item WILL NOT Fit any other Range Rover or Land Rover Vehicle