Steering Wheel - Non Heated / Paddle - Black Piano for Range Rover Sport L494


"Black Piano" Steering Wheel

with Sport Grip & Perforated Napa leather (Non Heated)

for Range Rover L494 2013 on

This steering wheel is a genuine Land Rover steering wheel that has be professionally re-trimmed by hand with gloss back inlays and sports ergonomic grip.

Black Piano is the term used to describe the deep gloss black finish.

These steering wheels are not simply sprayed black but have had 10 layers of clear lacquer applied over a polished black surface.

The steering wheel has designed with a more ergonomic "sports" grip profile and the grip areas have be trimmed with soft napa leather with a perforated finish.

Note also that this steering wheel is NON HEATED.

Note also that this steering wheel does have the recesses at the back so PADDLE SHIFT CAN BE FITTED.

This listing is for a bare steering wheel with no airbag and no switches.

You retain all your original wiring / airbags etc so there are no compatibility issues.

This Steering wheel / airbag can be removed in the same way as the Range Rover Evoque ( see below video )

Original Part - Refund Option

This is not an exchange item so there is not a requirement for you to return your old steering wheel back to us.

However, if you do not wish to keep your old steering wheel and send it to us within 28 days of your purchase, (you would need to pay the return postage cost), we will refund you the amount of £100 for your old part.  The steering wheel that you return must be a genuine Land Rover part.

If you do decide to return your original part, please ensure that your details are included inside the box, so that we know who is returning the item and retain proof of postage until refunded.

The steering wheel that you return must be an equivalent “like for like” non-heated genuine wheel.



Fitting Details

The below video is provided for guidance only and no liability will be accepted as a result of following this video.

This video shows the process for the Range Rover Evoque - the process is nearly identical for the L494. 

We would recommend that the steering wheel is changed by trained personnel only.

How to remove/upgrade the steering wheel on a Range Rover Sport L494 - YouTube

Video will open in a new window

Which Vehicles will this fit?

This item WILL fit all Range Rover L494 models from 2014 to 2021. As the steering wheel has no heating element a heating function will not work.

This item Will NOT fit the new 2013 Range Rover L405 models.

This item Will NOT fit the Range Rover Evoque models.

This item  Will NOT fit any other Land Rover models.