Steering Wheel NON-HEATED Carbon Fibre inlay for Land Rover Freelander 2


Black Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel with Sports Grip

for Land Rover Freelander 2 ( LR2 )

+ Free Airbag Tool

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Following on from the success of our Range Rover Sport steering wheels we now are able to offer these for the Freelander 2

The steering wheels on the Freelander 2 are susceptible to wear and are expensive to replace.

This wheel has been refurbished with new leather and has inlaid carbon fiber sections at the top and bottom that have been finished in a deep gloss lacquer.

In addition to the carbon fiber inlay, this wheel also features a sport style grip and thumb support - from the picture you will see the wheel has a more "chunky" appearance.

The leather used is the very soft napa leather that is very smooth to touch and also very hard wearing.

The leather has been perforated for extra comfort.

These are now supplied with a free airbag release tool - see below video.

For some reason the steering wheels on the Freelander 2 are different from the Range Rover Sport and Discovery 3 models as the Freelander 2 models have a hexagonal center spline while the Range Rover and Discovery models have a multi spline center.

This sale is just for the steering wheel core - the switches shown and the airbag are not included in the sale - if your have more or less switches on your steering wheel this wheel will still accept your switch packs and airbag as all steering wheels cores were the same on all models.

This steering wheel is a genuine Land Rover Steering Wheel that has been professionally re-tri.mmed by hand and as such poses no airbag compatibility issues. The airbag on your vehicle is not changed just the steering wheel "core". You also retain your original paddle shift ( if fitted ) and steering wheel controls.

This listing is for a bare steering wheel with no airbag and no switches.

You retain all your original wiring / airbags etc so there are no compatibility issues.

This Steering wheel comes complete with a FREE steering wheel removal tool ( see below video )

Original Part - Refund Option

This is not an exchange item so there is not a requirement for you to return your old steering wheel back to us.

However, if you do not wish to keep your old steering wheel and send it to us within 28 days of your purchase, (you would need to pay the return postage cost), we will refund you the amount of £50 for your old part.  The steering wheel that you return must be a genuine Land Rover part.

If you do decide to return your original part, please ensure that your details are included inside the box, so that we know who is returning the item and retain proof of postage until refunded.

Which vehicles will this fit?

This WILL fit Freelander 2 models upto 2010 models.

This WILL NOT fit Freelander 2 (2010 on)