Square Rear Number Plate Surround - Chromed Finish


Square Number Plate Surround

Chromed Finish

This listing is for a square rear number plate mounting frames in Chrome - these are often used on the rear of 4x4's and import vehicles.

These frames are made from tough ABS plastic and are mounted using screws on the bumper / rear door.

The number plates can then be fitted using tape ( neater ) or screws onto the frame.

This kit is now supplied with 3 FREE self adhesive foam strips for fixing the number plates to the frames.

In addition to looking great these frames prevent the number plates from getting damaged.

We have this also available in black - see our other listings.

NOTE - there is no UK requirement for the size of the square type rear number plate, only the size of the letters, and as a result there are a few different sizes of rear number plates available. The rear number plate surround provided here is designed to accept the 8" x 11" rear number plate size. Maximum plate size that can be accommodate is 290mm wide x 204mm high.

Please also note that Discovery 3/4's have been found to not have factory drill holes, Independent dealerships drill the holes themselves. If you have any issues with the holes not lining up to the surround, this will be the issue.