Spare Wheel Winch for Nissan Pathfinder


Spare Wheel Winch

for Nissan Pathfinder

This listing is for a replacement spare wheel winch for a Nissan Pathfinder.

These parts often become corroded and rust as well as being lost or the chains cut.

This mechanism has a chain that can be retracted up or down to reveal the spare wheel.

The winch sits on one of the cross members on the chassis with 2 bolts and can be accessed from underneath.

This is brand new item manufactured to original specification but is not a genuine Nissan part.

This is not a genuine Nissan part but is made as a direct replacement for your damaged item.

This spare part incorporates a third party design and is intended exclusively to be used to repair the vehicle to its original appearance.

Fitting Details

This product bolts into place so is easy to replace.

Simply lower your spare wheel ( unless it has been stolen )

See below fitting video

How to use / replace spare wheel winch mechanism on Nissan Navara D40 - YouTube

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Which vehicles will this fit

This item WILL fit all Nissan Pathfinder (07 on)

This item WILL NOT Fit any other Nissan Navara models.

This item WILL NOT fit the older Nissan Navara D22.