Side Vents SUPERCHARGED Style - Full Black for Range Rover Sport


"Supercharged" Side Vents - Gloss Black

for Range Rover SPORT 2005 -2009

Replace the worn or damaged side vents on your Range Rover Sport with these gloss black "SUPERCHARGED" side vents.

We also have these available in other colour combinations - see our other items.

The side vents are just a push fit item so they are simple to change.

This kit contains 2 side vent assemblies (left and right).

These are not genuine Land Rover parts.

Fitting Details

Firmly grip the existing side vent on the bottom edge and pull directly outwards with a sharp pull.

The vents will pivot about the top edge ( like a cat flap ) and then can be removed.

The new vents fit in in the opposite way - locate the top tabs first and then lower down and push to locate the bottom clips.

A straight forward DIY operation with no tools or drilling required.

See below Video

How to remove side vent on a Range Rover Sport - YouTube

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Which Vehicles will this fit ?

This item WILL fit all Range Rover Sport models including the HST model from 2005 - 2009

These WILL NOT fit the new Range Rover SPORT 2010 model

This item WILL NOT Fit any other Land Rover / Range Rover vehicle