Rear Step Bumper - Chrome - for Mitsubishi L200 2016+


Rear Step Bumper - Chrome / Metal

to fit Mitsubishi L200 2016 on

This is a quality aftermarket rear step bumper for the new 2016 model Mitsubishi L200 pickup.

This bumper is made from chrome plated steel combined with tough black ABS tread plate. This is the only bumper we know that is has the metal corners not plastic !

This bumper is the same specification as used by Mitsubishi in South America.

This bumper can be used to upgrade your base model L200 (4Life or Titan) to give you easy and convenient access to your tailgate (plus it also looks good!).

This is an alternative design to the factory style ( plastic ) rear step bumper that is fitted on the high spec L200 models.

The factory bumper is plastic construction and easily scratched/damaged, so this metal version is much more robust.

This item is an ideal replacement if your bumper is damaged or missing.

This bumper will fit all double cab ( 4 door models ) but the brackets may not be correct for the single cab ( 2 door models ) although we have not tested this.

Comes complete with brackets and fixings.

This is not a genuine Mitsubishi item.

NOTE - As this item is chrome plated not stainless steel then some corrosion may be possible especially if exposed to salted roads.

Tow bar compatibility

This is a popular question and to date we have not had a truck where this bumper cannot be fitted along with a towbar.

As the design of the towbar and brackets is the same as the factory bumper it should have the same compatibility as factory models.

Fitting Details

This rear bumper mounts on 2 brackets which are mounted onto the end of the chassis legs at the rear of the truck, It uses the same mounting points as the the original factory bumper.

No drilling is needed to fit this product.

Which Vehicles will this fit ?

This listing is for bumper and brackets for the 2016 on Mitsubishi L200 double cab ( 4 door ) models.