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5.75" Crystal Halogen Headlight Conversion - Triumph Stag / 2000 - RHD

Part number: HL104-BMC
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5.75" Crystal Halogen Headlamp Conversion kit


for Triumph Stag / Triumph 2000.

Upgrade the headlights in your classic Triumph to these new Crystal Halogen headlights.

This listing is for a pair of reflector & lens assemblies that replace the current reflectors in your headlights.

These headlamps have a glass lens ( better than plastic as plastic can scratch easily )

These lamps use Halogen H4 bulbs ( not included ) for the dip and main beam, which you should have in your old lights ( unless you have sealed beam units fitted )

These lamps also have a side light bulb holder with a T10 bulb fitted which you can leave un-connected if not needed.

See photos for an image of the connector - if this is not a direct fit for your connector you will need to cut and connect yourself.

We have upgraded H4 bulbs for sale that will fit these lights see our other items / search for "H4"

Headlights have been changing dramatically over the last few decades and one major advantage of modern cars is their superior lighting.

This listing is for a set of the latest technology multi surface reflector headlights ( often called Crystal Headlights ).

Please note that the lamps that you receive may have a 'umbrella' type chromed reflector positioned over the main bulb, this is not shown in the pictures.

Here is a brief history of recent developments of headlight technology....

  • Pre-focused ( 1950's )These had low power bulbs and were very poor.
  • Sealed beam ( 1960's ) These were a much better lamp but had the problem that the whole light unit needed to be replaced when the elements failed.
  • Halogen ( 1980's ) - These were a great improvement with much brighter bulbs that could be replaced and upgraded.
  • Multi-reflector ( 1990's ) - These are the latest evolution of lights which a complex reflector pattern that directs the beam and a smooth lens along with a halogen bulb.

You can read more for yourself at

This listing is for a PAIR of lights. When bulbs are fitted these lights generate the Dipped beam and the main beam lighting for your car ( Double filament H4 bulb ).

As the classics Triumphs normally have 4 headlights of which 2 are for main beam and 2 are for dipped beam you can either use these as drop in replacements and just connect the dipped or main beam as required or you can connect them so you have all 4 lights working on dipped and 4 lights working on main beam ! ( you may be advised to add a relay as you will be drawing more current )

These lights are RHD, MOT passing, headlights with the correct UK beam pattern. These parts are not E Marked as they are intended for use on classic cars where the E Marking does not apply.

The light pattern is set by the reflector not by the lens (as on standard headlights) so the lens is smooth giving a cleaner sharper appearance to the lights.

In addition to the better technology the reflectors on these lights are made from plastic and so the reflector will not rust or corrode like the older metal ones.

No modification or drilling is needed to fit these lights so you can change back to original specification at any time.

Fitting Details

Straight replacement for standard unit - based on customer feedback the location lugs on the rear of the headlamps may beed to be filed slightly to get these to fit snuggly - this is easy to do as the reflector is made from plastic. No modification to the car is needed.

No change to wiring or connector needed as the bulbs connection is the same for sealed beam and halogen H4 bulbs.

Note - the left headlight and right headlight are both the same

Which Vehicles will this fit ?

This item will fit all classic cars with the round 5.75" Lucas type headlamps

These lights will fit about 100 different cars from the 80's / 90's with round 5.75" Lucas headlights