OSRAM LED 41mm Festoon Bulb - White


OSRAM Festoon 1W 6000k

LED upgrade bulb


This listing is for a single OSRAM 1W LED festoon light bulb.

This bulb can be used to replace the standard bulbs usually in

Why upgrade ?

  • LED lights look much whiter that standard bulbs - this really makes the car more welcoming at night.
  • LED Bulbs give off more light - no more searching around in the dark for things in the car.
  • LED Bulbs use less power - ideal if you need to leave the light on for long periods.

These are supplied in an original OSRAM blister pack.

There are cheaper LED bulbs on the market but we have fitted and used these Osram bulbs with no problems and they are very effective.

Using this bulb there are no error messages on the dash.

These bulbs are also great as they can be fitted either way around - some LED bulbs have to be fitted with + to + and - to - but these bulbs are designed so they can be fitted either way around !

Why not look at our other items for the full LED upgrade kit that includes this bulb and the other bulbs for the main interior.

This bulb is 41mm from tip to tip.