OEM alloy wheel locking nut kit 4 piece for Jaguar F-Pace


5 piece Locking Wheel Nut Kit

to fit Jaguar F-Pace Alloy Wheels

This kit comprises of 4 x locking wheel nuts & 1 x removal key.

These are high quality OEM parts to fit the Jaguar F-Pace alloy wheels.

These are the same as Jaguar part number T4A13321 - the only difference is the packaging!

The locking adaptor has a 22mm head so your factory wheel brace should fit.

Protect your valuable wheels and tyres with these locking wheel nuts.

These retail for over £100 per set!

These are not genuine Jaguar items.

Fitting Details

Apply some copper grease to the wheel threads and also the inner surface of the wheel centre to make wheel changes easier in future.

It is IMPORTANT to Re-torque wheel nuts after 30 miles when you have fitted new wheels / wheel nuts.

Which Vehicles will this fit ?

This item WILL Jaguar F-Pace