M4 M5 M6 Rivet Nut Selection Pack (80 pcs)


Rivet Nut Selection Pack

80 pieces ( 20xM4 + 30xM5 + 30xM6 )

These items allow you to create a threaded hole in sheet metal or plastic.

Ideal for use with classic cars and kit cars where you need to make a neat job ( much neater and stronger than self tapping screws )

Rivet nuts also enable you to create a captive nut in a chassis leg or similar section where you cannot get to the inside.

See attached data sheet for technical information on these.

You need a rivet nut tool to insert these - why not see our other items for the rivnut tool ( shown in one of the pictures ) .

These are also called nutserts / rivetnuts etc.

These rivet nuts are made from heat treated steel with a rust proof coating. Steel rivet nuts do weigh slightly more than aluminium ones but the threads are much stronger on the steel version.

These rivet nuts have a large flange head - this means that the rivet nut is less likely to fall into the drilled hole - this can happen if you are not careful with the smaller head versions - the large head also helps to spread the load.

The splined area just below the head is to help locate the rivet nut in the sheet metal work and prevent the insert from turning ( spinning ) after it has been inserted and compressed.

We have made this pack to get you started without having to buy several pack from other vendors and incur multiple postage charges.

Fitting Details

Drill hole in sheet material

Push nutsert into hold.

Use tool to "pull" rear part of insert towards the head causing it to buckle and form a permanent captive nut.