High Temperature Ceramic Headlight Connector - H4


H4 Headlight Bulb Connectors PAIR

Ceramic Type with loom

This listing is for a PAIR of H4 connectors pre-assembled with 10cm of wire as shown and 6 lengths of heatshrink sleaving.

This connector is made from a ceramic material that can cope with much higher temperatures - ideall if you are using high power bulbs.

It is not uncommon for headlight bulbs to overheat as a result of a fault in the bulb or as a result of high power bulbs being fitted that run hotter than the original factory bulbs.

This can result in the headlight connector melting and your headlights becoming unreliable.

The best way to fix this is to cut off the old connector at a place where the wires are good and solder a new connector in its place.

You can buy un-assembled connectors without wires but it is easier to buy the connectors with the wires assembled like we have here.

The heatshrink tuning is to cover over the solder joint and make a neat job - when heated the "sleave" shrinks to form a water tight seal around the joint.

All you will need to complete this job is a pair of wire cutters and a soldering iron and some solder.

These looms have been specially made for us.