Headlight Upgrade - Angel Eye - RHD - Yellow for Land Rover Defender


Halogen 'Angel Eye' Headlamp Conversion kit

RHD (PAIR) with yellow lens

to fit Land Rover Defender

Upgrade the headlights in your Land Rover Defender to these new Yellow Halogen headlights with LED 'Angel Eye' ring.

This product is the only product we are aware of on the market that is Right Hand Drive Angel Eye that is a direct replacement for the original headlight

These lights are RHD MOT passing headlights with the correct UK beam pattern.

Most other Angel Eye headlights are American Motorbike headlights that have a flat beam pattern. This means that the pedestrians on the pavement cannot be seen when driving at night as there is no "kick up" beam pattern to the left. If you like driving your car fast and safely then these are the headlights for you !

The light pattern is set by the reflector not by the lens (as on standard headlights) so the lens is smooth giving a cleaner sharper appearance to the lights.

These lights give up to 25% more light output than standard headlights even using the same bulb !

ALL new cars use this new technology for the headlights and this is one major reason modern cars have much better lights

In addition to the better technology the reflector on these lights are made from plastic and so will not rust or corrode like the older metal ones.

Glass lens ensures scratch free lens and long life.

We also have these available with the lens in blue, clear & iridium. (please see other listings)

These lights use Halogen H4 bulbs ( not included ) which you should have in your old lights .

These lights are not E Marked but are RHD MOT passing lights.

This listing is for a PAIR of headlights complete with LED rings and rubber caps for the bulb ( no main H4 headlight bulbs are included ).

We have run these lights with 90/100W H4 bulbs with no problems.

This is not a genuine Land Rover item.

Specification Summary

Lens - yellow glass

Reflector - Multi surface plastic reflector ( non rusting )   

Side light - 4 LED Angel Eye effect white colour ( slight blue tint as is common with LED )

Bulb - Halogen H4 ( not included )  

E Marked ? - No ( will pass MOT )

Fitting Details

Straight replacement for standard unit - no modification or drilling needed.

Now comes with full colour fitting instructions - see picture.

No change to wiring or connector needed as the bulbs connection is the same for sealed beam and halogen H4 bulbs.

You will need to make a new connection to connect the side light power to the 2 leads from the LEDs for the Angel Eye headlight.

Note - the left headlight and right headlight are both the same

Which Vehicles will this fit ?

Mazda MX5 / Eunos