H11 Bulb Connector with Pre- fitted Wires


H11 Bulb Connector ( EACH )

This listing is for a H11 connector pre-assembled with 10cm of wire as shown.

These connectors have a ribbed silicone seal ( yellow on the pictures ) to ensure a 100% waterproof connection.

These connectors are supplied pre-assembled with 10cm ( 4") of wire fitted and silicone seals are fitted around the wires where they exit the connector to stop water going into the back of the connector.

These looms have been specially made for us.

There are other similar connectors for sale on eBay but be careful as these are supplied as a kit of parts and unless you are good with a soldering iron you will be there for hours.

These connectors can be used to connect to H11 or H8 bulbs as they have the same socket.