Full LED Headlight Conversion Kit - Chrone - LHD - for Land Rover Defender


FULL LED Headlamp Conversion kit

Left Hand Drive / Chrome

for Land Rover Defender

This listing is for a PAIR of headlights with LHD beam pattern ( France / Germany etc ) and Chrome inside.

We recommend using our open back headlight bowls when fitting these headlights as these LED headlights are sealed and run brighter the cooler they are. ( Search our other items for part number "HLB194" )

With an output of 24W and 48W on low and high beam respectively these are powerful headlights.

These come pre-wired with a H4 connector so they are "plug and play" - no need to cut any of your original wiring. ( there is an additional green wire next to the H4 plug - this is for side lights but not needed on a Defender )

If you do decide to use the side light function they are the six outer LED's only.

These lights are fully waterproof and this means you can now drive through water and not come out with blown bulbs and headlights that look like a fish tank !

With MOT regulations clamping down on HID type lighting these are by far the best legal headlamp technology on the market today.

The front lens is a tough polycarbonate lens and so won't shatter when it hits water etc ( this is a problem with glass lenses )

See below demonstration of these lights compared to other types - these were the best light in our test - see below video

Land Rover Defender 7" LED headlight comparison test - YouTube

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Land Rover Defender LED headlight demonstration - YouTube

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These lamps have the following functions ...

1) Dipped Beam - this is your normal driving headlight and has the "kick up" to illuminate the pavement. This is powered by the middle LED projector

2) Main Beam - this is the full beam used at night when the there is no oncoming traffic. This is powered by all LED's. We have wired this up so that the dipped beam stays on with the main beam to give you even more lights - how can we do this ? with LED's taking less power than halogen bulbs you can drive both through the standard car electrics.

These are fully E Marked approved for road use

We also have these headlights with a chrome background inside the light see our other items.

We also have these headlights in RHD for use in UK / Japan etc - see our other items.

This is not a genuine Land Rover item.

Technial Details

The output of low low beam is 1800 lumens

The output of the high beam is 3900 lumens

Fitting Details

Note - the left headlight and right headlight are both the same. The below video we use different lights but the process is the same.

See below video - Part 1 - Removing the old headlight

Defender LED headlight upgrade Part 2 - Removing your old headlight - YouTube

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See below video - Part 2 - Fitting a new headlight bowl and Lamp

Defender LED headlight upgrade part 3 - fitting new bowl & fitting light - YouTube

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See below video - Part 3 - Dim Dip Relay install

Land Rover Defender Dim Dip Relay upgrade / replacement / disable - YouTube

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Which Vehicles will these fit ?

These lights will fit all Land Rover Defender models.

These lights will fit all Land Rover Series models.