Ford Ranger 35mm Wheel Spacers - 4pc kit - Black


Wheel Spacer Set (x4) in Black

35mm / 6 stud / 139.7mm PCD

for Ford Ranger

This listing is for a set of 4 wheel spacers for the Ford Ranger pickup truck.

These wheel spacers are 35mm - so will give an extra track width (or offset) of 70mm to your vehicle ( 35mm each side ).

These are a matched 6 bolt pattern with a 139.7mm PCD (pitch circle diameter) - designed to fit the Ford Ranger perfectly.

These will fit the whole range of Ford Ranger pickup from 1998 to the present day.

Wheel spacers can be fitted to improve look of your vehicle, giving it a 'wider stance'.

You may also want to fit spacers for the extra clearance allowing for wider tyres to be fitted or to benefit from the improved traction when cornering.

These are machined from billet aluminium for a precise and balanced fit.

These are hubcentric spacers which retain the strength of the design as the hub carries the weight and not the studs/bolts (the diameter of the centre bore on the wheel spacers is 93.1mm).

These are supplied as a set of 4 spacers, and include pre-fitted high tensile studs and nuts.

We also sell these spacers in Silver - please see our other listing to purchase these.

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These are not genuine Ford parts.

When fitting any new wheel or wheel spacers periodically check all wheel nuts and spacer nuts are tight.

Wheel spacers can change the way your vehicle drives and handles so please take this into account when driving after fitting wheel spacers.

Fitting Details

See below fitting video - we fit the spacers to our T6 but the procedure is the same for the other models of the Ford Ranger - its the same spacer / stud pattern etc.

Demo/How to fit wheel spacers to a Ford Ranger pickup truck - YouTube

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Which Vehicles will this fit ?

These WILL fit the Ford Ranger pickup truck from 1998 to present day