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Front Grille - with LEDs - for Toyota Hilux Mk8 Revo (2016-20)

Part number: TYG411
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Front Grille with LEDs

for Toyota Hilux Mk8 Revo 2016 -20

This is a front grille with LEDs for the Toyota Hilux 2016.

The Mk8 Hilux from 2016 is also called the Revo in some markets.

This is the main grille that sits immediately beneath the bonnet line.

This grille includes integrated LEDs.

A wiring loom is included, you'll just need to make your own electrical connections to the vehicle.

This grille is finished in matt black and red.

This is not a genuine Toyota part.

This spare part may incorporate a third party design and is intended exclusively to be used to repair the vehicle to its original appearance.

Fitting Details

Remove the screws and plastic clips holding the top of your grille to the slam panel.

Release the clips at the lower edge of the grille by inserting a screwdriver between the bumper and grille.

Pull grille forwards to release.

Replace with new grille.

Which Vehicles will this fit ?

This item WILL fit the Toyota Hilux Mk8 (2016 -20) model

These WILL NOT fit the Hilux Mk8 2021 facelift model

These WILL NOT fit the older Hilux models pre 2016