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Wireless Charging Tray

for Land Rover Discovery 5 / LR5 (Pre-facelift 2017 -21)

This listing is for a UK designed 3D printed wireless charging tray for the Land Rover Discovery 5 (called LR5 in some regions).

Note: This tray is suitable for the pre-facelift model (2017 -21) as the centre console tray design changed in the 2021 facelift - see photos.

This tray fits in the centre console and gives you wireless charging capability for Qi enabled devices (phones, earphones etc).

The wireless charger has a USB plug and you can take power from the nearby cigarette lighter - you will need a USB adapter if you don't already have USB ports.

The wireless charging unit is high power 5W / 7.5W / 10W for fast charging.

The tray itself is 3D printed and supplied with a CE approved wireless charging module.

Note: The tray is a 3D printed item. 3D printing leaves layer lines, and a texture on the top surfaces - this is a characteristic of this method.

The charging matt has a silicone non-slip finish to prevent your devices from sliding around.

These are not genuine Land Rover parts.

NOTE: If your smart key is located near to the charger and it is actively charging a phone, your vehicle may not be able to see the key due to electromagentic interference. Move the key away or remove the phone from charging to start your vehicle.

See below fitting video

Which Vehicles will this fit ?

This item WILL fit the Land Rover Discovery 5 pre-facelift (2017 -21)

This item WILL NOT fit the Land Rover Discovery 5 facelift released in 2021 as this has a different centre console