Battery Terminal Connectors Pair - M6 Nut Type


Gel Battery Terminals ( Pair )

Female Type ( nut )

This listing is for Pair of M6 nuts ( stainless steel ) with molded plastic knurled knobs.

These are quick release screw on knobs that will secure the wires from car to battery.

In addtion to allowing you to attach the cables the plastic tops reduce the risk of accidentally shorting tools etc across the terminals when working near the battery.

What is you receive is 1x Black knurled knob (negative terminal) and 1x Red knurled knob (positive terminal)

This is made from thermoplastic with a stainless steel M6 size insert.

We have two types available Female ( nut ) & Male ( bolt ) - this listing is for the nut type so you will have a section of threaded rod extending out of the top of each battery terminal.