7 Piece Drill & Tap Combo Metric Bit Set ( M3 - M10 )


Tap & Drill Combo Bit Set

7 Piece

This is a quality 7 piece Tap & drill combo bit set.

These are a combined drill and tap enabling you to drill a hole and tap it ready to insert a bolt in one operation.

No more looking for the correct size of pilot drill and changing tools - this can all be done in one operation.

Why use self tappers when you can do a more professional job in the same time with this kit.

These are made from high speed steel.

The magnetic drill adaptor has a retractable shank that locks onto the drill bit.

At this price with free postage these really are a great offer.

These are the sizes that come included in this kit.

  • M3 x 0.5
  • M4 x 0.7
  • M5 x 0.8
  • M6 x 1
  • M8 x 1.25
  • M10 x 1.5

These work well in plastic, aluminium and steel.

The maximum thickness of material will depend on the size of tap you are using.

The life of the tools can be prolonged by using a cutting oil.

As will all our products if you are not happy parts can be returned for a full refund.

See below demonstration video


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