4 pc Wheel nut kit for Range Rover L322 05-12


4 piece Wheel Nut Kit

to fit Range Rover L322 ( late type ) Alloy Wheels

This kit comprises of 4 x wheel nuts for Range Rover L322 alloy wheels ( from 2005 -2012 )

These can be used for replacing missing or corroded items or maybe to replace a faulty set of locking wheel nuts

There are 2 types of wheel nuts used on the L322 - the early and late type

  • Early Range Rover L322 ( 2002 to 2005 ) wheels have a wheel nut hole diameter of approximately 20mm
  • Late Range Rover L322 ( 2006 - 2012 ) wheels have a wheel nut hole diameter of approximately 23mm - this is what is for sale here.

All Range Rover L322 models have 5 wheels nuts per wheel ( thus giving 20 wheel nuts per car ! )

We also sell the wheel nuts singularly and as a 20 piece kit - see our other items.

These are basically a set of four wheel nuts that you get on a Range Rover L322 ( from 2005 -2012 ) but at a major discount compared to Land Rover.

These wheels nuts are made from high strength steel and have a bright stainless steel cap ( same as genuine Range Rover L322t wheel nuts ).

  • M14-1.5mm Thread 22mm Hex head ( wheel brace size )
  • 23mm diameter Shank
  • Flat Seat with washer
  • Overall length of 46mm

These are not genuine Land Rover parts but can be used as an alternative to LR Part Number RRD500290

Fitting Details

Apply some copper grease to the wheel threads and also the inner surface of the wheel centre to make wheel changes easier in future.

Fit the new wheels to the car with the new wheel nuts - checking that the wheel nuts are matched to the wheels ( the wheel nuts should fit easily into the wheel nut hole but with minimal free play).

It is IMPORTANT to Re-torque wheel nuts after 30 miles when you have fitted new wheels / wheel nuts.

Which Vehicles will this fit ?

This item WILL fit allow you to fit wheels from a late type Range Rover L322 onto a Range Rover L322 from 2002 -2012

This item WILL fit allow you to fit wheels from a Range Rover Sport onto any Range Rover L322 from 2002 until 2012.

This item WILL NOT allow you to fit L322 2002 -2005 wheels ( as these early wheels need the flat ended nuts )