2 in 1 LED Fog/DRL lamp - Type 4 - for Nissan Navara D40


Front Bumper 2 in 1 LED DRL & Fog Lamp Kit

to fit Nissan Navara D40

This listing is for a pair of replacement LED fog lights that are ready to fit the Nissan Navara D40.

These lights have been designed to be a direct replacement for the standard Navara FOG Lamps.

These items have 2 separate functions:

a) FOG LAMP - this is the central part of the lamp and it has 3 powerful 3w LEDs producing a clear white light.

b) DRL MARKERS - this is produced by 2 x 0.5w LEDs at the top and bottom of the light unit.

The DRL marker function on these lamps are low-intensity LEDs (0.5w) and more for cosmetic purposes - we sell other versions of this light with bright DRL functions.

The rear of the light unit is made from aluminium with a finned heatsink design to dissipate heat.

There is a standard H11 connector pre-fitted to the light units so they are just plug and play installation for the FOG lamp function.

The DRL function requires just one wire connecting to a positive ignition feed.

The approximate diameter of this lamp lens is approx. 90mm across.

These units have a tough plastic lens that makes them less likely to crack than glass.

Note: The fog beam level on these lamps is not adjustable.

These lights are not E-Mark approved but will pass a UK MOT.

We have tested these lights with our 'UK made' DRL controller board and they work fine - see item EWL945 to purchase this.

This is not a genuine Nissan item.

Which Vehicles will this fit ?

This item will fit all Nissan Navara D40 model (2005 -2015) - single and double cab.

These WILL NOT fit the older Nissan Navara D22 models.